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According to the mythology, Mykonos was formed as a result of the "gigantomachy", the battle between the mighty Zeus (Gods Father) and the Giants, whose their petrified corpses shaped the "Island of Winds". 


We at Casa Del Mar Mykonos choose to believe the legend above, as we cannot find a more "rational" explanation of how a sensational destination like this arose within the Aegean archipelago.


Leaving the legends behind us, let's give a review of the island and its proposition. Mykonos is located at the centre of Cyclades complex and consequently in the heart of the Greek tourism industry. Although this area is full of magical destinations offering amazing experiences to their guests, Mykonos stands out due to the quality and the ultimate luxury of its hotels and restaurants, the plethora of amazing beaches and the various events and parties distinguishing the nightlife as the best in Europe and probably of the world. 


Traveling with your friends or family, for fun or to get to know Greek culture and lifestyle, this is a top destination for every taste, ready to captivate your mind and heart.

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The Mykonian Experience: Sights


When you are planning your unique Mykonian experience, it is important to know the below places of interest, as "The Island of Winds" offers the tremendous opportunity to create a mix of unique memories with all the elements that make this particular destination as unique as Greece.


  • Mykonos Chora: Every Aegean island has a town called "Chora" marking the centre of social life and commerce that have kept their shape for centuries. Mykonos Chora stands apart for its numerous narrow walkways that wind into each other, spilling over with designer boutiques and hip clubs for every taste, and hidden gardens where you can take a meal or catch a movie.


  • Little Venice: is an enchanting area of the Chora built directly over the water where you can take a coffee or cocktail at sunset and occasionally feel the sea mist. The area is dense with cafes and bars that flow out into the narrow passageways late into the night.


  • The Iconic Windmills of Mykonoslocated on the edge of Chora frame a majestic view of Little Venice and the crashing sea. It is the perfect location for a Mykonian selfie.


  • The sacred island of Delos is the centre of the Cycladic islands. Its settlement was respected and preserved from conquers as it was the birthplace of Apollo and the treasury of the Athenian empire.


  • The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos: featuring historical treasures from the prehistoric period up to the beginning of the Roman era.


  • The Aegean Maritime Museum: The museum is housed in a traditional house of the 19th century and offers you the opportunity to dive deep into the Greek Maritime history and tradition, that shaped Mykonos and the whole Cycladic complex.


  • Paraga Beach/Scorpios: with crystal clear turquoise waters offering exquisite moments and all the amenities of a fully organised beach. The famous Scorpios with its amazing facilities will take your beach life experience one step further.


  • Nammos: Probably is one of the hottest spots of the island, as with its amazing facilities and the outstanding events ranging from sunset rituals to music nights both with famous Greek and International singers, Nammos enhancing the already sensational Psarrou beach. 


  • Ornos Beach: Just 2,6km away from Casa Del Mar, Ornos beach is both family-friendly and one of the most vibrant/crowded on the island. We recommend you to pay a visit to the following qualitative beachfront restaurants, Pasaji Mykonos & Kuzina Seaside Restaurant.


  • Kalo Livadi: Both infamous and beautiful is located in the southern part of the island and although that is a little bit far from our resort it is a must for your vacations here. There you'll find a plethora of restaurants/ beach bars and we have to recommend you to fantastic spots, Solymar Beach Restaurant and Blue Marlin Beach Bar & Restaurant.




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