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Mykonos is famous for its two faces – on one side a natural paradise and vigorous nightlife that will make demands on your body, and on the other side the quiet unwinding and relaxation of beach cocktails, chill music, and smooth summer breezes. After exploring the island, you are invited to come home to the Casa del Mar Beachside Spa where you will find other intoxicating pleasures and cool serenity by selecting from our menu of traditional and exotic treatments. Our wellness offerings begin with our indoor salt-water pool and thermal water spa, as well as a luxurious hammam and our fully equipped gym with views onto the beach.

In cooperation with the greek company Ariadne Athens, that utilizes natural and rare Mediterranean ingredients, we aspire to provide the ultimate skin care experience, with products which promise to give the skin a soft and delicate texture, embellishing its inner beauty.

The earthy colors and aromas represent the pureness of the Cycladic white settlements and the magical blue of the Aegean Sea. All together are combined to reflect the tradition, luxury and hospitality of majestic Greece.

Our spa has been inspired by our views of the secluded cove at Glifadi and the azure waters of the Aegean just steps away. Our principles are reflected in the organic architectural style and homeopathic approaches that have developed from the island’s natural habitat. Sensual aromas and physical sensations will help you feel integrated with your surroundings. Our luxury spa suites and treatment rooms are available for singles or couples, or take a massage under the warm sun on our secluded beach.

Sailing might require knots, but your vacation never should. Our experienced massage therapists will unwind your body and help you refine your core strength. We’ll unlock the layers of your senses with our wide menu of offerings including salt and lavender scrubs, hot stone and candle massages, and chocolate and aromatherapy treatments.


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When you’re in Mykonos, you’re surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of the Aegean Sea and the inviting warmth of the Mykonian sun. With a plethora of activities to enjoy, an abundance of indulging Greek flavors, and a vibrant nightlife, your body will seek relaxation as well as rejuvenation and reawakening. Our stimulating pilates sessions will allow you to stay fit while enjoying everything this charismatic island has to offer.

Pilates is a form of exercise that uses equipment to strengthen and improve the body, develop coordination and flexibility, improve posture and balance, and increase body awareness.

Our Pilates sessions are designed for all levels of familiarity offering an invigorating introduction for beginners and a challenging and energizing program for advanced students.

Pilates sessions with professional and highly trained instructors are available for beginners to advanced levels. In just 60 minutes, your whole body will begin to feel more ‘centered’ and re-aligned. Each class is based on the original six Pilates principles: concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing. This method helps improve flexibility and endurance in the entire body; with a special focus on posture, breathing,  core strength coordination and balance.

To encourage beginners we offer introductory classes for up to two people or private sessions. One week of regular practice is all you need to transform your body and ameliorate your life!





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